History, One Cup at a Time

Another blessing shared by tea lovers is the rich history that has been handed down to us by our predecessors. It is transmitted in the form of rituals, writings, and »

Experiencing Tea, Part Two

In the last post, we discussed some traits tea drinkers focus on when evaluating or comparing teas. In the second installment - we'll call it the lab section - we »

Experiencing Tea, Part One

For those of us who keep coming back to tea year after year, there is a much greater reward than a hot beverage or a familiar taste. More than the »

Silver Lining

For a few years now, I've been watching the patina grow on my favorite teapot. In the Western market, tea drinkers often end up buying a few pots in the »


After drinking a certain number of puerh samples, we start to develop a certain set of expectations about storage and different recipes. Two of the most popular -7532 and 7542 »

The Beauty of Yixing

"The old teapot is different from the newer teapot becauseā€¦ the craftsmanship is very obvious." Kingston teaches us about a pair of late Qing dynasty Shui Ping style Yixing teapots »