I usually pride myself in being able to rattle off the 8 to 10 teas we drink during the course of a meetup. However, in the company of Dae and David I finally met my match.

Dae says she hasn’t drank this much tea since her trip to Taiwan - I am indeed struggling to remember every tea. I’ve done my best to recall them in no particular order.

1996 Huang Yin - Sun Sing 1997 Menghai 8582 1980s Xiaguan Traditional Characters 2004 Silver Tip Puerh - The Tea Gallery

1950s “Raisin Bread Aroma” Shui Xian Wuyi Baozhong

Sun Moon Lake Assam Winter 09 Shan Lin Shi Jade vs. Shan Lin Shi Medium Roast

2010 Shincha - Ippodo A tea or two may have been forgotten, but an amazing Memorial Day weekend with friends will be remembered for a long time.