That Tea Place in New York that Brandon Likes

There have been wild accusations around the 'net of me being one to spill the beans. To live up to this unsavory reputation, I offer you »

Backyard Chanoyu

The Philly Tea Club (and guests!) assembled in the back yard for an introduction to Chanoyu. Being far from a proper tea room, Pamela L - »

Classical Revolution at Random Tea Room

This Thursday at the Random Tea Room Philadelphia, the crowd was hanging from the rafters for the chamber music flash mob "Classical Revolution," and, of course, »

Royal Orchid Tea Museum

We made our second trip to the Royal Orchid Tea Museum, currently under a serious program of improvements. The event carried a water theme - an »

A Visit to Yumcha - The Cha

I usually pride myself in being able to rattle off the 8 to 10 teas we drink during the course of a meetup. However, in the »

NYC Tea Meetup #1

In search of the elusive Tea Pearl, brave friends gathered at The Tea Gallery for the first NYC Tea Meetup. Being the inaugural I decided to »