Chinese Paper Cutting

Mr. Min­gLiang Lu made a sur­prise visit to tea with us. He humbly intro­duced him­self as an “art teacher.“
After a few rounds of tea, he pro­duced some small sheets of black paper and a pair of scis­sors and began cut­ting.
Within min­utes, a detailed image of Kyle’s face emerged.

He mounted it with two small pieces of tape onto beau­ti­ful paper bear­ing his chop. I won­dered at first why he seem­ingly put so much care into the cut­ting and the mount­ing seemed so sim­ple. Upon closer exam­i­na­tion, I real­ized that the crease down the mid­dle and the very gen­tle mount allow the work to rise up from the page and give the por­trait depth.

He even made my por­trait while I con­tin­ued to brew tea.

Ming cur­rently has works on exhibit at the Amer­i­can Museum of Nat­ural His­tory in New York.

Pho­tos by Benito.

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  2. hello.
    wow. this is amaz­ing. love it.
    i am from ger­many.
    too far away to get one.
    best regards rene

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